Census Data Processing Services

Latest Technology in the forefront:

Census is pioneer in usage of computational tools available in data processing technology. Indian Census is fore runner in implementation of ICR based technology using scanned Images for Data extraction, a paradigm shift from conventional Data entry system to Vertical change by adopting full count data processing to produce qualitative data in time bound manner.

First Time historic use of ICR in Census 2001:

At 2001 census, large scale hardware up-gradation had been made at Data Center.This was required for using the latest “Automated Form Processing Technology using Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR). ICR was found to be acceptable being the viable solution for census data processing activities. The technology enabled processing of cent percent data, that is, more than one billion records (228 million paper forms were scanned) for the first time in census history.

Advanced ICR Technology in Census 2011

IT resources were created at data centre by installing 3 Nos Microsoft Windows 2008R2 servers, SQL Server -2008, Windows 7 Professional Clients, High speed heavy duty duplex scanners (Kodak) and backup HP Storage Works EVA6400, Capacity – 10/100 TB. In addition to above Hardware & Software an Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) software TIS eFlow4.5 has also been installed to meet the challenges of Census-2011.

Computer Assisted Coding (CAC):

Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) was applied for certain fields. The use of ICR technology after scanning the schedules and use of CAC (eliminated setting up of Regional Tabulation Centres for manual coding) saved the Major expenditures incurred in the past on setting up of Regional Tabulation Offices by the Government of India from Census 2001.

Quality and timeliness since 2001 (National Figure)

ModeHand PunchKey PunchData EntryData Entryscanning/ICRimproved scanning/ICR
Time Taken(years)8-9 8-98-97-84-51-2

In-House Development:

The services of a System Integrators were utilized at Data Centre for scanning operations and data file extraction. All the required softwares & MIS tools were developed In-House by the IT Officials of the Data Processing Division, O/o RGI, New Delhi and implementation was done at all Data Centres across Nation by dedicated professionals deployed in large Data centre.