District Census Handbook (DCHB):

The District Census Handbook (DCHB) published by Census Organization since 1951 Census, is one of the important publications in the context of planning and development at gross-root level. The publication, which is brought out for each district, contains several demographic and socio-economic characteristics (village-wise and town-wise) of the district along with the status of availability of assets, amenities, infrastructural facilities, etc of Households. It contains both Census and non Census data of urban and rural areas for each District. The Census data provide information on demographic and socio-economic characteristics of population at the lowest administrative unit i.e. of each Village and Town and ward of the District. The Primary Census Abstract (PCA) part of this publication contains Census data including data on household amenities collected during 1st.phase of the Census i.e. House Listing and Housing Census. The non Census data presented in the DCHB is in the form of Village Directory and Town Directory contain information on various infrastructure facilities available in the village and town viz; education, medical, drinking water, communication and transport, post and telegraph, electricity, banking, and other miscellaneous facilities. The village and town level amenity data have been collected in pre printed scheduled which was filled up by the district administration and compiled and computerized in prescribed record structure.

In the 1961 Census, DCHB provided a descriptive account of the District, administrative statistics, Census tables and Village and Town Directory including Primary Census Abstract. This pattern was changed in 1971 Census and the DCHB was published in three parts: Part-A related to Village and Town Directory, Part-B to Village and Town PCA and Part-C comprised analytical report, administrative statistics, District Census tables and certain analytical tables based on PCA and amenity data in respect of Villages. The 1981 Census DCHB was published in two parts: Part-A contained Village and Town Directory and Part-B the PCA of Village and Town including the SCs and STs PCA up to Tahsil/Town levels. New features along with restructuring of the formats of Village and Town Directory were added. In Village Directory, all amenities except electricity were brought together and if any amenity was not available in the referent Village, the distance in broad ranges from the nearest place having such an amenity, was given. The pattern of 1981 Census was followed by and large for the DCHB of 1991 Census except the format of PCA. It was restructured. One of the important innovations in the 1991 Census was the Community Development Block (CD Block) level presentation of Village Directory and PCA data instead of the traditional Tahsil/Taluk/PS level presentation. As regards DCHB of 2001 Census, the scope of Village Directory was improved by including some other amenities like banking, information related to Slums etc. .

The scope and coverage of Village Directory of 2011 DCHB has been widened by including numbers of new amenities in addition to those of 2001. The District Census Handbooks (DCHBs) are brought out in two parts giving village and town wise data for each district. The Part–A contains non-census data for each Village and Town and is called Village and Town Directories. The Part-B provides census data for rural areas up to the village level and for urban areas up to the ward level for each town or city in the shape of Primary Census Abstracts.

DCHB Part-A and B, Town Amenities, Village Amenities and Inset Tables for downloading.